Don’t forget 6m buffer on forage crops and potatoes
Siobhán Walsh
Nitrates regulations require large buffer zones to be left beside watercourses in fields with late-harvested crops.
13 March 2024 Husbandry
Tillage management: some work done, but rain continues
Tillage farmers frustrated at present as spring planting continues to be delayed with St Patrick’s Day around the corner.
10 March 2024 News
Update on buffer zones for tillage farmers
Buffer zones are required under CAP and for nitrates regulations to protect water quality.
Minister battles to defend bog buffer zones
Farmers claim that the 100m buffer area around active turf banks could take out a quarter to a third of some ACRES commonages.
6 March 2024 News
Buffer zones in active turbary areas should not affect ACRES - Kerrane
In recent weeks, the issue around active turf cutting in turbary areas on commonages and the impact that would have on ACRES payments arose again.
4 March 2024 News
An Taisce’s livestock reduction claim is 'anti-dairying'
Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, president of the ICMSA Denis Drennan said An Taisce’s head of advocacy Elaine McGoff, who made the comments, 'should know better'.
28 February 2024 News
Proposed buffer zones on active turbary areas will affect ACRES payments - INHFA
These proposals, if applied, will affect the overall habitat score of commonages that will see reduced ACRES payments to farmers.
8 February 2024 News
Farmers urged to manage slurry properly
A recent CAFRE open day focused on making best use of livestock slurry on farms this spring. Kieran Mailey reports.
24 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Farmers reminded on extended buffer zones for slurry spreading
For the two weeks after the closed period, buffer zones around watercourses double to 10m.
20 January 2024 Management
Potential for farming to solve excess P issue
Farmers attending CAFRE's slurry management events heard from speakers on the issue of making best use of farm nutrients.
17 January 2024 Northern Ireland
New slurry spreading rules for farms stocked above 130kg N/ha
From 1 January 2024 farmers with a grassland stocking rate above 130kg organic nitrogen per hectare are obliged to apply all slurry with low-emission slurry-spreading equipment.
3 January 2024 News