The average price paid for agricultural land in Fermanagh during 2023 stood at £9,186/ac. The price is up by 8%, or £694/ac, on the 2022 average of £8,492/ac.

Across the island of Ireland, Fermanagh ranks in 22nd position, up from 24th place in 2022, although it continues to have lowest county average land price in NI.

When converted into euro at €10,555/ac, Fermanagh remains well ahead of its neighbouring counties in the Republic of Ireland,? such as Roscommon (€8,519/ac), Sligo (€8,329/ac), and Leitrim (€6,879/ac). Our records show that 1,060 acres were publicly advertised for sale in Fermanagh last year.

This represents a significant drop of 42% compared to the year previous. The area for sale equates to 0.40% of the county’s agricultural area.

In 2023, only 40 farms were advertised for sale, meaning the average lot size was 27 acres. This compares to 57 lots with an average size of 32 acres in 2022.

There is a mixture of land types on the market in the Erne County.

To allow comparison across counties, only land that is deemed arable grade, suitable for silage cutting, or good quality grazing is included in our main survey.

Marginal land

In counties where more marginal land changes hands, our criteria inevitably pushes the average price up.

We found several examples of sales in Fermanagh where the land did not meet the criteria to make it into our main survey.

The highest price recorded in our survey in the Erne county was £22,000/ac for a 50-acre block in the middle of the county. The lowest price was £3,548/ac for a 60-acre block in the west.

Our analysis found that 71% of surveyed sales fell into the £10,000/ac or less bracket. Over 20% of transactions were in the £10,001-£15,000/ac window and 7% of sales made over £20,000/ac.