All roads lead to the small village of Ratheniska, Co Laois, for the 2023 National Ploughing Championships, which takes place from Tuesday 19 September to Thursday 21 September.

Ireland’s largest farming event attracts hundreds of thousands of farmers and farming enthusiasts every year who make their pilgrimage to the three-day event.

The Irish Farmers Journal stand is located in its usual central position beside the headquarters of the National Ploughing Association at block 2, row 19, stand 314.

The Irish Farmers Journal stand is always a hive of activity and 2023 will be no different.

Over 30 demonstrations and discussions are planned for the three days with demonstrations kicking off at 10.30am each day and running right through to 5pm each evening.

No matter what time you drop into the Irish Farmers Journal stand at during the three-day event, there will be a panel discussion/demonstration taking place on some part of Irish agriculture from livestock farming to issues with living in rural Ireland.

Each day will kick off with a live Tech Talk livestock show with a selection of the Irish Farmers Journal livestock team.


On the beef side of the house, we’ll be focusing on how our reduction in emissions is going to change the way Irish beef farmers finish their cattle.

We’ll take a look at target weight gains at different stages of an animal’s life and we will also focus on what needs to happen along the way to make sure that the animal is finished at a younger age.

There has been a huge reaction to the launch of the National Beef Welfare Scheme and there is sure to be more farmer reaction at Ploughing 2023.

Positive outlook

With some stability in the beef trade and a positive outlook for the autumn live trade, we’ll discuss what the rest of 2023 will hold for beef farmers and what will 2024 bring.


Dairy editor Aidan Brennan will discuss topics in relation to the dairy industry.

A change in the nitrates derogation stocking rate limits is sure to be top of the agenda of dairy farmers.

Aidan will discuss what the implications are for the Irish dairy farmer and what the best ways are for dairy farmers to deal with it.


Sheep and schemes editor Darren Carty will look at issues in relation to the sheep industry and take a look back at 2023 and what it was like for sheep farmers.

The National Ploughing Championships week usually saw the first of the support payments landing in bank accounts every year but 2023 has seen a delay in farm payments issuing to farmers. Darren Carty will outline the changes and what this means for farmers.


Tillage editor Siobhán Walsh will talk to tillage farmers and members of the industry to discuss the future of tillage, look at the difficult harvest of 2023 and look ahead to 2024.

Siobhán will have a live demo looking at cover crop varieties and sowing dates as part of the live Tech Talk demo.


Buildings specialist Martin Merrick will discuss TAMS and how delays are impacting development on farms and pedigree specialist Shanon Kinahan will chat about all things pedigree and what’s happening in the pedigree cattle and sheep world for the rest of 2023.

The live Tech Talk livestock shows will take place at 10.30am and 3.30pm every day at the National Ploughing Championships. There will be a chance to take part in the show each day and put your questions to the panel.

You can take part in discussions and put questions to the panel each day

Tillage farming will take centre stage at 10.30am on both Tuesday and Wednesday at the Irish Farmers Journal stand at Ploughing 2023.

Tillage editor Siobhán Walsh and invited guests will discuss what the outlook is for the tillage sector and what needs to change to meet the ambitious crop area targets set out by the Government.

You can take part in this discussion and put questions to the panel on each day.

The Irish Farmers Journal has over 30 demonstrations and discussions planned for the three days of the Ploughing.

The Irish Farmers Journal agribusiness team of Lorcan Roche Kelly and Phelim O’Neill will take a look at the Irish agribusiness scene, what 2023 was like for Irish agribusiness and what 2024 holds for the multibillion euro industry. The agribusiness panel discussion will take place at 12pm on Tuesday and 3pm on Thursday.

The National Ploughing Championships is always a popular place for politicians, and we’ll have many of them on the Irish Farmers Journal stand over the Championships.

Political editor Pat O Toole and deputy news editor Barry Murphy will facilitate a political panel each day on the Irish Farmers Journal stand at 12.30pm. There will be an opportunity to put questions to the panels during the debates each day.

Ireland’s most popular chef Neven Maguire will cook up his usual storm with the Irish Country Living team on the Irish Farmers Journal stand at this year’s Ploughing. His live cooking demo will take place from 1pm to 2.30pm on each day and is sure to attract huge crowds again in 2023.

Neven Maguire, pictured with Janine Kennedy, acting editor, Irish Country Living, will cook up his usual storm.


Machinery is one of the big attractions at the Ploughing and while we don’t have a 400-horsepower tractor on our stand, we do have Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott who are in charge of all machinery content for the Irish Farmers Journal. Their demo will take place at 2.30pm each day, where they will discuss how technology is changing how we will farm in the future.


Renewable energy is a hot topic of conversation at the moment with a lot of questions being asked around what suits different farms.

Renewables editor Stephen Robb will demonstrate the generation of renewable electricity live using a wind turbine and solar panels and discuss how these systems can work for your farm.

This demonstration will take place at 3pm on Tuesday and 4.30pm on Wednesday.

Latest updates

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Meet the Irish Farmers Journal team

All of the Irish Farmers Journal team looks forward to seeing and talking to farmers and their families at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.

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