Avonmore, the brand owned by Tirlán, has officially launched its new oat drink on the Irish market.

Tirlán has said the new drink will improve the “premium crop opportunities” for the 1,100 Irish producers who are members of the farmer-owned cooperative, many of whom have been providing grain for generations.

The launch of its new oat offering will address consumers’ desires for products in the plant-based space, it said.

The plant-based product is a source of fibre and is currently offered in original and barista varieties, with the original having a higher calcium content. Both are suitable for vegans, lactose-free, low in fat, and sugar-free.

Both varieties are suitable for vegans, lactose-free, low in fat, and sugar-free.

John Kealy, head of grains at Tirlán, said: “In harvest 2022, we took in our highest ever volume of premium grains and delivered an additional €3m in bonus payments to growers of premium crops, which include food-grade oats.

“We doubled our grain volumes in 2022 through our high-spec oats mill in Portlaoise. We have ambitions to continue to develop our milling capacity and extend our capability to take advantage of emerging market opportunities offered through plant-based innovation.

“This will ultimately translate into improving returns to our family farm suppliers well into the future,” Kealy said.

Organic oat grower, Robert Tobin, supplies 40 acres of oats to Tirlán each year, all grown on the family farm in Urlingford close to the Kilkenny/Tipperary/Laois border.

Tobin explained that: “If we could get more ground, we would definitely grow more organic oats. It’s very heartening to see how Tirlán is innovating and adding value to our crop.

"It gives us a great sense of pride to know that our produce is going into the new oat drink and other products.”

Dr Michelle Collins, research and development director at Tirlán, said: “The new research and innovation centre is home to scientists, nutritionists, sensory specialists, development chefs and process technology experts who passionately research a growing number of dairy and plant-based ingredients.”