Farmers in Donegal accounted for 288 (20%) of the 1,442 payment claims submitted under the National Farm Safety Measure (NFSM). The claims included the purchase of 308 quad bike helmets and 269 PTO shaft covers.

Mayo was next up in terms of the number of payment applications, followed by Cork and Galway.

The total number of 1,442 payment claims represents just over 30% of the 4,738 expressions of interest submitted. The exact level of funding which will be drawn down is not finalised as of yet, but if each of the 1,876 PTO covers drew down the maximum grant aid of €60 per cover, then the total spend would be in the region of €112,560.

Similarly, if each of the 988 quad bike helmets received the maximum of €90 grant aid per purchase, it would equate to €88,920.

Combined, the maximum level of funding allocated is just over €200,000 from the overall allocation of €1.5m.