Australia - more cattle on feed

The number of cattle on feed in Australia increased by 1.1% to 1,158,240 head in the quarter to March, according to the latest Meat and livestock Australia / Australian Lot Feeders’ Association survey.

USA - falling milk price

Official milk prices in March for class III milk in the USA is down 19% compared with March 2022 - from $22.45/cwt (39.48c/l) to $18.10/cwt (31.8c/l).

Argentina - drought recovery

Global wheat production is forecast to be record high in this month’s WASDE report, with Argentina forecast to see the largest increase in wheat production as it recovers from significant drought.

EU - rise in imports

European Commission data released for January 2023 shows a 10% or €1.3bn increase in agri-food imports to €13.8bn, with imports from Ukraine up 16% to €1.2bn.