Philippines – growing economy

USDA calculates that the expanding Philippines economy will require 10m tonnes of agricultural imports in 2030, rising to 13.5m tonnes by 2050.

Uruguay – sheepmeat consumption doubles

Sheepmeat consumption in Uruguay has more than doubled in 2023 to 5.5m kg, compared with 2.4m kg in 2022 (World Beef Report).

Ukraine – wheat crop forecast

Reuters reports that the 2024 wheat crop could fall to 20.2m tonnes compared with 22.2m harvested in 2023 and well below the five-year average of 25.9m tonnes.

Australia – four-year high for cattle sales

Cattle sales through sale yards jumped to 82,589 last week, up over 30,000 on the previous week and the highest since November 2019 (MLA).