Tynan Abbey Farm, located in Tynan, Co Armagh, is run by Kate Kingan and Peter Mant and is the venue for the next Northern Ireland Sheep Programme webinar on Thursday 3 March at 8pm.

Kate and Peter took over the running of the farm, which extends to 222ha (550ac) of grassland and 121ha (300) of woodland eight years ago.

From a standing start, livestock numbers have grown to 520 ewes and a herd of 80 sucklers, with progeny brought through to beef.

There have been huge strides made in grassland management, including grazing infrastructure, investment in housing and animal handling facilities.

Grassland management has focused on a combination of sward rejuvenation and reseeding, while the grazing infrastructure is starting to be overhauled.


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Soil fertility

Addressing soil fertility has been integral to improving the productivity of the farm and a liming and nutrient programme has underpinned annual improvements.

Rising fertiliser and concentrate prices, along with other input costs, is leading many farmers to review their farming enterprise and this is no different on the farm.

The farm plan developed by Kate and Peter in conjunction with programme adviser Senan White and local CAFRE adviser Brian Hanthorn will be explored on the night, including physical and financial performance.

The virtual event will showcase the farming system and delve in to the farm’s health programme

Significant changes to the farming system include pushing the lambing date back to April and experimenting with outdoor lambing, both of which will be discussed.

The virtual event will showcase the farming system and delve in to the farm’s health programme, with issues such as lameness among the greatest challenges faced by the farm.

The farm’s veterinary practitioner, Ruud Leten from Aramadale Veterinary Group, will address timely lambing topics including options farmers can take to deal with Spectam Scour Halt being delisted from production and overcoming current weather-related challenges.