The IFA climate event, “Climate Action in Agriculture – A Balanced Approach” which takes place on Tuesday 21 January, will feature one of the foremost experts in the world – Dr Frank Mitloehner from UC Davis, California – on the important role of farming in the climate debate.

Mitloehner will balance, with scientific evidence, the discussion about the contribution of agriculture to the climate challenge.

The lack of balance in the debate is very frustrating for Irish farmers

Other speakers include Prof John Fitzgerald, chair of the Climate Change Advisory Council, and Dr Frank O’Mara of Teagasc.

Speaking in advance of the event, IFA president Joe Healy said: “The lack of balance in the debate is very frustrating for Irish farmers, given the high standards we adhere to and the quality of the food we produce.

“For example, 90% of Ireland’s beef exports are now in an audit and carbon footprint programme and 100% of milk production is completing a carbon auditing cycle. This is unique. We are the only country in the world that measures, monitors and manages carbon from farm to fork, yet we are constantly being pilloried for not doing enough.”


The IFA president said: “We hope that this event will help in re-balancing what is currently a very one-sided debate.”