In the latest in our series of study guide videos, the author of our breeding and genetics study guides Iain Wallace discusses the topic with Irish Farmers Journal beef and suckler editor Adam Woods.

Leaving Certificate - Agricultural Science Study Guide Video 5: Breeding & Genetics.

This 27-minute video takes students and teachers beyond the content of the weekly study guides, adding context and practical examples to enhance their understanding on the topic of breeding and genetics.

Key areas covered:

  • How breeding and genetics are put into practice on Irish farms and the implications they have for Irish farmers.
  • Pedigree breeds in Ireland.
  • The importance of good stock bulls, what to look for and its impact on the progeny and future of the farm.
  • The approach to breeding and genetics on the Irish Farmers Journal demonstration farm in Tullamore.
  • The tools and technology available to help farmers make informed decisions on breeding.
  • The ideal traits of suckler cow for Irish farms.
  • The future for breeding and genetics on Irish farms, including sexed semen and artificial insemination (AI).
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