Aurivo mart Ballinrobe hosted their general cattle sale on Wednesday with another surge in demand for female lots.

The average for light store heifers suitable for summer grazing rose by 22c/kg on the week. These heifers, weighing below 400kg, recorded an average of €2.54/kg. Slightly heavier heifers still under 500kg recorded an average of €2.41/kg. This increased to €2.63/kg for the top third of lots sold.

This 21-month-old Limousin heifer weighed 585kg and sold for €1,410 (€2.41/kg).

This high level was even stronger for short keep and factory fit heifers, with prices rising by 18c/kg on the week to rest at €2.38/kg. The general go for heifers over 500kg was between €2.30/kg to €2.50/kg, with a few exceptions either side.

Light weanling heifers topped out at €3.77/kg.

This May 2019-born Limousin heifer weighed 580kg and sold for €1,380 (€2.38/kg).

This 12 year old Blue cow weighed 565kg and sold for €940 (€1.66/kg).

This was paid for a 13-month-old Belgian Blue heifer that weighed 300kg and sold for €1,130. Adding to this, two heifers sold for €3.37/kg. First at the money was an 11-month-old Limousin that weighed 270kg and sold for €910. Matching the price was a seven month old Blue heifer weighing 315kg that sold for €1,060.

This July 2019-born Limousin heifer weighed 560kg and sold for €1,390 (€2.48/kg).

This five year old Hereford cow weighed 710kg and sold for €1,190 (€1.68/kg).

Overall, these light heifers sold on average for €2.80/kg, easily surpassing the €3/kg average for the top third of lots sold.

Weanling bulls didn’t reach the same heights, but still recorded an average of over €2.50/kg for lighter animals. Looking at the top third of bull weanlings, below 300kg, the average settled at just shy of €3/kg mark.

This four year old Limousin cow with three month old Limousin bull calf at foot sold for €1,680.

This two year old Charolais heifer weighed 635kg and sold for €1,470 (€2.31/kg).

These prices were led by a 280kg Limousin bull who sold for €860 (€3.07/kg).

Bulls over the 300kg saw average price drop by 4c/kg on the week to settle at €2.36/kg. This average rose by over 40c/kg for the better quality lots on offer.

This six year old Charolais cow weighed 735kg and sold for €1,480 (€2.01/kg).

This 23 month old Limousin heifer weighed 495kg and sold for €1,300 (€2.63/kg).

Quality secured a similar premium for store bullocks, with the highest demand for those passing the 400kg mark. These bullocks recorded a healthy average of €2.32/kg, with strong Charolais cattle exceeding €2.60/kg.

This May 2019-born Charolais heifer weighed 600kg and sold for €1,380 (€2.30/kg).

This June 2019-born Limousin heifer weighed 455kg and sold for €1,250 (€2.75/kg).

Cull cows are in as high a demand as ever, with buyers eager for younger, well-fleshed lots. Culls of continental descent and fulfilling this criteria easily rose to €2/kg, with some lots surpassing €2.20/kg.

This 21 month old Limousin heifer weighed 530kg and sold for €1,310 (€2.47/kg).

This March 2020-born Belgian Blue heifer weighed 300kg and sold for €1,130 (€3.77/kg).

Mart manager Tom McGuire said after the sale: “It was a typical spring sale, with all the quality lots on offer being met with quality trade. There was a serious demand for some store heifers and breeding heifers.”

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