The theme for the 2021 Leaving Certificate agricultural science project is “Improving Sustainability in Irish Agriculture”. The project is worth 25% of the overall grade for students.

A new agricultural science syllabus was introduced this year and will be examined for the first time in 2021. The project must be submitted in the April coming up to the exams.

Students must choose a specific agricultural enterprise for their project, focusing on the theme of sustainability.

Students must develop a research question that is related to the theme and investigate in the context of the chosen enterprise. This must include one or more experiments and a specific scientific investigation of the topic; developing and testing specific hypothesis and drawing conclusions based on evidence gathered.

At least one of the experiments must involve gathering and processing data.

Both higher and ordinary level students have the same theme for their projects.

The project must be completed using a digital completion booklet provided by the State Examinations Commission. It is not to be over 2,500 words (including titles of diagrams and other images, but excluding the list of references at the end of the report).

The booklet gives a maximum number of words for each stage of the report. Penalties will not apply for exceeding the word count in individual sections, but may apply if the project is over 2,500 words.

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