What you need to know about grassland pesticide use
Darren Carty
The use of pesticides is now governed by conditionality, meaning that if breaches occur it may pose a risk to CAP payments, writes Darren Carty.
4 May 2024 News
Winter bird food establishment deadline extended until 31 May
The normal deadline of 15 May has been extended due to prolonged wet weather and challenging ground conditions.
26 April 2024 Schemes
Schemes update: 15 May deadline for ACRES winter bird food plots or strips
The crop must include at least one cereal mix and at least two or more non-cereal seed mixtures.
Letter regarding payments not yet made to farmers
A call to the Minister – just pay us what is due and already allocated.
24 April 2024 Letters
Plans unveiled for cutting CAP red tape and reducing inspections
It has been proposed that farmers below 10ha are exempted from CAP inspections, while those above this threshold see fewer on-the-ground inspections as a result of better satellite checks.
15 March 2024 News
Minister can use force majeure on three-crop rule
The EU will not grant a derogation from the three-crop rule, but Ireland can use force majeure to overcome this issue.
28 February 2024 News
European Commission proposes to cut some farm inspections by 50%
The move will be discussed by agriculture ministers from across the EU at next week’s Council of Agriculture Ministers on 26 February.
23 February 2024 Schemes
Department awaits Commission response on three-crop rule
The Department of Agriculture has applied for a derogation from the three-crop rule requirements, but has not received a formal response.
20 February 2024 News
Tillage dilemma - the real cost
The cumulative effect is what hits farmers and could ultimately push them out of tillage.
7 February 2024 Viewpoints
IFA demands new tillage incentive scheme for 2024
The IFA has also raised issues with the unharvested crop support scheme at a meeting with the Department.
6 February 2024 News