Under the bonnet of the eco-scheme options
Andy Doyle
Being able to fulfill two eco-scheme obligations is critical for farmers to enable them to claw back almost 20% of the deduction of their entitlement value.
17 September 2022 Schemes
What is space for nature and how is it calculated?
Farmers will be asked to confirm or make changes to the preliminary space for nature estimates as part of the 2023 BISS and eco scheme applications.
16 September 2022 Schemes
Step by step: how to access your farm’s space for nature figure
The figures are available via and farmers or their advisers can access the overall figure and see a breakdown by land parcel and biodiversity or landscape feature.
Crop rotation and idle land obligations suspended for 2023
In an effort to increase grain production in the EU, the Commission is proposing a temporary suspension of GAEC 7 and 8 obligations for 2023.
22 July 2022 News