It is understood that the European Commission has signalled that it cannot grant a derogation from the CAP’s crop diversification requirements, as two derogations in a row have already been granted to farmers.

However, the Irish Farmers Journal understands that the Minister for Agriculture can use force majeure to overcome the issue here in Ireland. Many tillage farmers are struggling to meet requirements due to bad weather since last harvest, which means they need to grow a minimum of two or three crops on their land, adhering to minimum percentages for each. Other EU countries have called for derogations from crop diversification and rotation requirements this season due to bad weather.

In more positive news, there are reports that crop diversification and rotation requirements are coming under pressure and so may be changed in the mid-term review of the CAP in 2025.

The meeting of EU agriculture ministers this week is reported to have heard that the current concept is too complex and that higher flexibility in relation to the principle of crop rotation is needed. It was also said that more attention needs to be given to regional differences.