Northern Ireland
Muir wants no Lough Neagh ‘blame game’
Peter McCann
Research has shown that 62% of phosphorus in Northern Ireland's waterways comes from farms, 24% is from wastewater and 12% is due to septic tanks
24 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Slurry storage must go beyond closed period
The closed period for slurry in NI runs for just over 15 weeks, starting at midnight, on 15 October.
14 December 2023 News
Department publishes N&P statements up to November
The statements allow farmers to ensure compliance with the limits set in the nitrates regulations.
Testing for phosphorus in basalt soils
Letter to the Editor: From Guy Benians, Derrygonnelly, Co Fermanagh
13 December 2023 Northern Ireland
Water quality drop due to animal feed
Phosphorus was described as “the problem nutrient” for local lakes and rivers at a soil science conference in Belfast this week.
6 December 2023 Northern Ireland
Common sense needed for golden dairy era to continue
We need our EU leaders to understand how Ireland is different – how Ireland can lead EU food production while improving water quality and reducing emissions.
6 December 2023 Viewpoints
Farmer engagement vital post soil scheme
Analysis by AFBI researchers has highlighted the importance of on-going engagement with farmers around managing nutrients.
6 December 2023 Northern Ireland
Volatile grass growth to be the new norm
David Wright reports from the AgriSearch 'research and innovation needs' conference held on Tuesday
29 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Fertiliser sales down 18% in 2023
The Department of Agriculture has released fertiliser sales statistics for the full year of 2023.
22 November 2023 News
What is the Agricultural Catchments Programme and what does it do?
Over 200 scientists, researchers, advisers, Government officials and agri industry representatives attended the Catchment Science 2023 conference, opened by Teagasc director Professor Frank O'Mara.
15 November 2023 Climate and environment
Algal blooms lead to review of slurry rules
Dave Foster from DAERA suggested stricter rules around farm nutrient management would be needed in some areas in the future.
28 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Extension to slurry spreading period considered as N and P statements issue
The Department of Agriculture has also announced that cattle-only nitrogen and phosphorus statements for the period 1 January to 31 August 2023 are now available.
19 September 2023 News