Urea or CAN nitrogen fertiliser, what should I buy?
Adam Woods
This week's Beef Management takes a look at fertiliser purchases and dealing with the difficult weather conditions on beef farms.
22 February 2023 Grass & feeding
Fertiliser for beef farms: hold off or buy?
Adam Woods takes a look at fertiliser prices, fertiliser planning on beef farms and whether to buy or sell at current prices.
22 February 2023 Fertilizers
Don't let P and K indices fall
When phosphorus and potassium levels fall it becomes difficult to build them back up again.
Up to a four week wait for soil sample results
Farmers who do not soil test are to assume a phosphorus (P) index of 4 and this can restrict the amount of P that can be applied.
22 February 2023 News
NI has resources to the envy of others
The livestock sector in NI is an important source of organic matter, which is vital to our soils.
15 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Differences in soil sample testing results depending on lab
Over 7,500 farms have been sampled under the soil sampling scheme, with approximately 90,000 soil samples taken to date.
15 February 2023 Climate and environment
Beef Management: investigating abortions and early grass
Adam Woods takes a look at abortions in suckler herds, safety at calving time and getting ready for early grass.
8 February 2023 Management
The importance of sulphur on grassland
Claire Aspel, formerly of Teagasc Johnstown Castle and now with Grassland Agro, explains the importance of sulphur for nitrogen use efficiency in grassland.
1 February 2023 Fertilizers
Uncertainty in market, claims fertiliser chief
David Wright reports from the annual conference organised by the Ulster Arable Society, CAFRE and the Ulster Farmers’ Union.
1 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Fertiliser and soil fertility trends from 2022
Mark Plunkett and PJ Browne from the Fertilizer Association of Ireland outline the recent trends in fertiliser sales and soil fertility.
1 February 2023 Fertilizers
The Grass Week: interpreting soil sample results
Aidan Brennan has some advice for farmers who have received their soil sample results and are wondering what to do next.
28 January 2023 Management
Teagasc scholar tackling water quality through improving farmer knowledge
At a recent Teagasc walk, water quality and the steps farmers will need to take going forward were highlighted by a panel of speakers.