Phosphorus use to be restricted on thousands of farms
Aidan Brennan
New rules in the nitrates directive mean that thousands of farmers will have to submit soil sample results in order to get a phosphorus allowance in 2023.
19 October 2022 Pigs
Pig efficiency improvements
While we can lament a pig industry, the results of work for the last 40 years show improvements, writes Gerard McCutcheon, Teagasc.
19 October 2022 News
Farmers advised to act now to secure 20% of fertiliser needs
Now is the time for farmers to get moving on some of their fertiliser needs for 2023, according to the fodder and food security committee.
Take fertiliser planning one step at a time
There is lots of talk about fertiliser at present. Siobhán Walsh advises farmers to start making a plan and not to panic.
Farmers advised to act now to secure 20% of fertiliser needs
Now is the time for farmers to make moves and purchase some of their fertiliser needs for 2023.
13 October 2022 News
Serious concern around fertiliser availability
EU production of nitrogen is down approximately 70% due to plant closures as a result of high natural gas prices. Siobhán Walsh and Rachel Donovan report.
12 October 2022 News
Autumn is a crucial time for water quality
The coming months are an important time for water quality. Risks are high for nutrient loss when land is wet and rainfall is more frequent.
28 September 2022 Climate and environment
€60m water quality EIP over next five years
The Agricultural Sustainability Support and Advisory Programme (ASSAP) shared its interim review with farmers on Friday.
16 September 2022 News
44% of soils deficient in lime on Signpost farms
There is a lot of work to be done on getting soils to optimum levels on farms across the country in different farming sectors.
30 August 2022 News
Farmers cut nitrogen use by 19%, but low P and K sales a concern
Sales of protected urea are up, but are a long way off the target to have 100% of urea sold with an inhibitor by the end of 2023.
Loss of phosphorous and sediment greatest threats to water quality – ASSAP
In fresh water, a very small amount of phosphorous (under one unit per acre) can cause eutrophication.
Protecting water quality on tillage farms
Eimear Connery and Ciara Donovan spoke to the Irish Farmers Journal about why water quality is so important and what tillage farmers can do to improve it.
24 July 2022 Soils