Animal welfare and nutrient storage investment options listed under the new Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Scheme (TAMS III) will open for applications on Thursday 23 March.

These investments include sheds, slurry tanks, silage pits, meal bins and stock fencing.

Cattle underpasses, auto-drafters, cow collars, fertiliser spreaders and calf-rearing equipment are also eligible for payments under the scheme.

Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue announced that the opening of the Animal Welfare and Nutrient Storage Scheme under TAMS II when speaking at the Agricultural Consultants’ Association (ACA) AGM on Thursday.

Pigs, poultry and organics investment options will open within the next 10 days under TAMS III.

“We will open TAMS III for animal welfare today and this follows on from the opening of the solar TAMS a few weeks ago which has seen huge interest,” the minister told consultants.

Minister McConalogue recognised that four out of every five TAMS applications are made by private advisers, along with the majority of nitrates derogations, direct payment applications and the facilitation of Knowledge Transfer groups.

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