The number of investments which have now been funded under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) stands at 20,647, according to the latest Department of Agriculture schemes payment update. The latest weekly payment run for the week ending 4 June 2021 was recorded at €1,916,744, which is broadly steady with recent weeks' payments. The total sum of money now paid under TAMS stands at €288.83m.

The number of applications submitted stands at 21,813 meaning there are 1,166 applications pending approval for payment. The total approvals issued to date stands at 39,991, but it is worth noting that a significant number of approvals have expired.

Tranche 22

Tranche 22 will remain open for applications until 22 July 2021, with tranche 23 opening on 23 July. Tranche 24 will then open on 5 November. The Department is currently processing applications submitted under tranche 21 and it is hoped approvals will start to issue in the coming weeks.