Tillage farmers are still struggling to harvest crops across the country. Spring cereals remain in fields in many counties, while there are a large amount of spring beans to be cut and some oilseed rape.

Spring cereal crops are in particularly bad condition and in some cases are now unsalvageable with farmers saying that they will need to cultivate them in some cases.

The pictures in this article show a crop of spring barley in south Cork last week. Wet weather during September had prevented harvesting and storm Agnes, along with more heavy rain late last week flooded the field.

The crop is clearly broken down very badly and has sprouted and is growing again.

Many farmers planted crops late this year due to the wet spring. The crop of Geraldine spring barley in these pictures was planted on 8 May.

Some farmers are now considering discing or cultivating in these crops.

This will leave farmers at significant losses. Teagasc placed variable costs of spring barley production at €1,589/ha (€643/ac) this season. This is before land rental.

Farm organisations including the IFA and Macra have called for exceptional aid for the tillage sector.

Storm Agnes also hit maize crops last week. See some pictures here.

The crop is broken down and flooded.

Wet weather in September prevented harvesting of this crop.

Spring barley flooded in Co Cork.

The spring barley has sprouted and is growing again.