No new varieties have been added to the spring oats list, which was released at the end of last week by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

There are new varieties in train, like WPB Enya, but they are not ready just yet to be provisionally recommended.

Husky and WPB Isabel are the two varieties on the list. WPB Isabel tops the list on relative yield at 101, while Husky has a yield of 99.

WPB Isabel is a tall variety, but scores a seven for resistance to lodging and has a very impressive score of eight for straw breakdown. However, it is on a six for earliness of ripening.

Husky scores an eight for earliness of ripening. It is on a six for resistance to lodging, while its straw breakdown score is a five. Both varieties score similarly for disease, with Husky more susceptible to Crown Rust.

On grain quality, WPB Isabel tops the poll on thousand grain weight and hectolitre weight, while Husky has the highest kernel content.

WPB Isabel spring oats.

Those who did not get their desired level of winter oats in will no doubt persist with spring oats for some of that area. This will help spread risk, rather than moving to grow more spring barley, which seed is very short for.

Husky and WPB Isabel are also in the Department’s organic oats trials.