What is your name? Raine McKeever.

What class are you in? I’m in second class in Poulacapple National School in Co Tipperary.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A famous horse rider.

What is your favourite type of farm animal? A horse. [That’s not really a farm animal, think of another one] Sheep.

What are you good at? I am good at art and I am good at horse riding.

What toy did you get? I got a Lego sheep farm from Minecraft.

Tell us a little about the toy? You have to build it and there are lots of different pieces. It takes a while to build.

So what age are you? Eight

Do you think that it’s suitable for an eight-year-old? Yes.

Did you need help? Yes. From Dad. I made most of it? [Where did you need help?] With where the pieces go and stuff like that and the instructions. There’s the sheep on the top. You can turn it into a couple of different things, like it can either be a heart or a bird or a sheep.

What did you like about it? That it’s fun. You can do lots of games with it.

Score out of 10? 10 out of 10 [with no marks taken off for being a bit hard]

If you had a superpower, what would it be? To fly and to do miracles.

Lego minecraft The Wool Farm 21153 7+ Purchased in Ken Black Toys Kilkenny €19.99

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