Since its formation, Nordic tractor manufacturer, Valtra (formerly Valmet) has prided itself in differing from the mainstream.

Since 1988, it has been the only tractor brand to offer customers a suite of colours to choose from as standard – an opportunity considered a given within the automotive industry but not so much for farm machinery.

While performance and reliability were the main priorities in years gone by, tractor appearance and comfort have increased in importance with the current generation. Whether it is just general housekeeping, keeping a machine clean and tidy or having a custom paint job or wrap applied, it differs from person to person. This, along with its sector-specific tailoring, has left Finnish tractor maker Valtra with a unique advantage over its competitors.

Early days

With the vast abundance of forestry and high levels of snowfall over the winter in Finland, Valtra (Valmet) from the start built its tractors to suit the Nordic customer base and they were therefore designed to perform in sectors such as forestry, aviation and municipalities for snow clearance/ groundskeeping. Today, over 52% of tractors on the Finnish market are equipped with unlimited solutions, highlighting the continued need for specialised tractors.

Valtra offers a wide range of tailored solutions for the farming, municapity, airport and defence sectors.

“Once the mindset that a tractor was for agricultural use only was broken, other sectors quickly saw their potential and versatility,” said Valtra vice-president of marketing Mikko Lehikoinen.

Ten years ago, built on the reputation of offering customers choice, Valtra took customisation to the next level with the launch of its Unlimited studio at its factory in Suolahti, Finland, the home of its A,G,N, T and Q series tractors. This studio is a dedicated area next to the factory where every third tractor arrives once rolled of the production line to undergo some degree of customisation. Prior to the studio, from 1992, Valtra offered limited customisation to expand its mechanical capabilities by special order only.

One third of the tractors produced in Suolahti pass through the studio.

Today, the Unlimited studio covers everything from aesthetics, to improving mechanical capabilities or improving safety. In colours alone, a huge variety is available, with any RAL number an option, according to the manufacturer. Upon ordering a new tractor, customers can work alongside dealers to specify a whole host of solutions, even if they’ve not been done before.

Specialised markets

Building on the traditional agri market, this niche carved out by Valtra is a growing aspect of the business. While many manufacturers are busy streamlining offerings, Valtra has increased its focus on tailored solutions, summed up by its slogan: “You find the work. We’ll find the way.”

Essentially, no two tractors are the same. This ethos has remained core to the brand since its acquisition by AGCO.

The Titan Grey package design package includes a matte grey body colour with matte grey interior accents.

Today, Valtra can provide a number of off-the-shelf solutions and bespoke customer solutions for agriculture, forestry, aviation or municipal and other specialist markets. All solutions have the benefit of being factory fitted and covered by Valtra factory warranty. Of the total Unlimited tractors sold currently, agriculture accounts for 75%, municipal 15%, forestry 7%, defence 2% and aviation 1%.

In 2013, when initially launched the Unlimited studio started out as two work stations with five employees. This has now grown to 10 stations and 27 employees.

A full spec 10 year Unlimited anniversary cab.

Today, one in three new tractors feature Unlimited upgrades, a number which has steadily grown over the years, especially in export markets. Common options such as black wheel rims, steel diesel tanks and TwinTrac, essentially those that have become very common are now available from the main production line.

Through the studio, Valtra is partnered with numerous brands such as Kesla forestry equipment, Nokian Heavy Tyres, Piippo hydraulics who provide hydraulic solutions such as hydraulic stabilisers, Noremat verge/reach mowers, Aebi Schmidt and Vuomet snow handling/grading equipment and PTG central tyre inflation systems, to name just a few.

This N series was Valtra's first ever unlimited tractor.

Valtra too has added safety features to its Unlimited studio, the latest being a fire suppression kit and the Unlimited View camera systems which uses front and rear cameras combined with artificial intelligence detect moving objects in front or behind the tractor. Through the large display, operators are alerted to potential hazards/objects.

We got the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of Valtra’s 10-year anniversary tailored sector-specific tractors and take a closer look at just some of the possible options.


With 75% of Unlimited tractors destined for the agricultural market, popular options aside from custom paint solutions, include TwinTrac, additional Isobus plugs and power sockets, additional hydraulics, extra lights/beacons and cab interior solutions. These include various leather interiors, black headlining, a leather steering wheel, 230v inverters, upgraded sound systems and features like the integrated Quicke Q-Companion loader weigh system via Isobus.

New from Kesla is the demountable forestry crane.

Hydraulic stabiliser arms supplied by Piippo are just one possibility in terms of hydraulics available through the studio.

These options can be specified as packages, ie Comfort pack, Comfort Pro pack, Tech pack etc or individually. PTG tyre inflation systems, SKF automatic lubrication systems, hydraulic stabilisers are some of the other possible options.

A TwinTrac Q305 operating a Kesla chipper.

The T series remains the current most popular Unlimited tractor series. However, with the Q series not long in production, 84% of the 235 units delivered (at the time of our visit) have passed through the studio. Valtra said uptake in such options tends to be proportional to the tractor size.


Valtra has sold over 200 tractors to the Finnish defence sector alongside other national and international defence organisations. Within this segment, Valtra has a host of tailored packages in conjunction with its partners, such as Kesla to provide solutions for firefighting, ie the Kelsa fire-extinguishing trailer with submersible pump and water cannon capable of spraying up to 30m. A reverse drive and remote control chassis mounted backhoe attachment is also offered for excavating alongside other tasks. Other classified solutions are offered for logistics, road maintenance and personal carrier tasks to mention a few.

An 230v inverter plug is a common option according to Valtra.

The SkyView roof provides additional visibility for forestry operations.

Unlimited additions include TwinTrac, custom paint work, specialised Nokian tyres and reinforced rims, double-acting rear lift, the Unlimited View camera system, additional auxiliary hydraulics, front attachment plate, 230V invertors etc.

Forestry and municipality

Valtra offers a number of forestry-orientated solutions, some of which are in conjunction with Kesla. Examples include fixed and detachable TwinTrac reverse drive crane options, forestry trailers, under body protection, Sky View glass cab roof option, Nokian forestry tyres and reinforced rims. On demonstration was a Q305 with Kesla wood chipper, N135 fitted with a Kesla crane and an A series with a Kesla log trailer.

The TwinTrac option combined with the SkyView roof leaves the tractor feeling indentical to a purpose built forwarder.

This Schmidt snow blower mounted on a flagship Q305 weighs 3.2t and has a 250hp minimum power requirment.

A municipal spec Q and N series both in the Burnt Orange livery demonstrated the Vuomet integrated surface grader and Noremat Isobus hedge cutter controlled via the auxiliary joystick on the SmartTouch armrest. Both tractors were equipped with additional lights and beacons along with the 10-year anniversary package.


Aviation is a growing market for Valtra through its Unlimited studio. Currently there are more than 22 airports in Northern Europe running fleets of heavily customised tractors to suit applications such as snow ploughing/ blowing, de-icing, verge mowing, cargo handling, plane push back etc.

The integrated Vuomet Isobus controlled grader proves popular among some municipal applications.

Grader angle can be altered through the Isobus control screen.

Tractors for the aviation and forestry sectors can be equipped with hydraulic rams to stabilsie the front axle.

Aside from custom paint colours, some extras added through the studio include heated front and rear windows, a lockable front axle, breathalyser, Nokian specialised tyres, light/beacon bars, auto lubrication systems, front attachment plate, 230v power inverter and a two-way radio.

Valtra said that these customers such as Swedish airport owner, Swedavia, make use of the on-board software features such as section control for de-icing using sprayer systems and SmartTurn (autosteer) for snow clearance etc.

10-year anniversary package

To celebrate 10 years of its Unlimited studio, Valtra has commissioned a dedicated 10-year anniversary package. As part of the anniversary, customers can spec their G, N, T and Q series tractors with a design package or comfort package or both, depending on preference.

Anniversary models feature several instances of the 10-year Valtra Unlimited branding which appears embossed on the leather seat options, on the ignition lock and steering wheel, on the stainless steel exhaust and air intake plates, floor mats and on the SmartTouch side rail. Those who buy these models will also receive an anniversary jacket and tool bag.

The new Unlimited View camera sensing system magnetically mounted to a weight block.

Additional Isobus plugs are a common extra through the studio.

A number of anniversary design packages have been added. These include the Titan Grey option which includes a matte grey body colour black metallic rims and other matte grey accents throughout. The Burnt Orange, White Elegant, Turquoise, Ruby Red and Ultra Green packages follow the same theme. The Matte Black pack features matte body paint and matte black wheel rims.

Valtra work in conjunction with PTG to offer isobus controlled central tyre inflation systems.

The backhoe option is chassis mounted and can be worked in reverse drive mode or remotely.

Over 200 tractors are working in the Finnish defence sector.