Abbey machinery, based in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, is launching a new 8in, quick-fill arm for its tanker range at this year’s National Ploughing Championships. The multi-stage arm is designed to speed up the filling process while reducing manual labour.

The system is placed neatly at the front of the tanker, while the turbo filler is closer to the slurry tank, meaning the tanker fills faster. The multi-stage arm’s modular design leaves it versatile and able to reach out to 2.6m, more than twice the distance of the current auto-fill system. In addition, the arm’s 8in suction hose has the ability to reach a distance of 2.8m downwards into the slurry tank.

On the Abbey stand, show-goers will also get to see Abbey’s nutrient-sensing technology that can be integrated with the slurry range.

This technology provides the user with live analysis of slurry’s dry matter, nitrogen level, as well as phosphorus and potassium levels.

Low-emission applicators

With a growing emphasis being placed on low-emission slurry-spreading methods, Abbey will have its latest offerings on show. Methods include: a vertical trailing shoe, a tri-app vertical trailing shoe, dribble bars and shallow disc injectors.

A range of tankers with a single and tandem axle will be available for viewing at the stand, along with the Tornado 4000 and 5000 slurry mixers.

Diet feeders

Abbey will also have its diet feeder range at the show, alongside its larger ‘plus range’. The standard range sees 17 different vertical auger diet feeders, with sizes ranging from 8m3 to 33.5m3.

The plus range, according to Abbey, is equipped with 50% thicker augers, and a strengthened gearbox mounting for greater strength and support. Other new features include a new door design for an improved feedout. Models on display will be the VF2450, VF2100, VF1500 and VF1250, catering for all farm sizes.