Lucas is offering two models of an electric distributor for feeding concentrates/minerals. The machine can mix and distribute or independently distribute concentrates or minerals.

It’s powered by a 2000W motor with two batteries, offering four hours of working capability. The stainless steel tank comes in two sizes, either 600l or 1,050l, while an extension to both can be added. It can be configured from one to five hoppers. Each hopper has its own independently driven screw auger, allowing different rates of the various concentrates or minerals to be fed out. This distribution is managed through the software. Lucas claims it is accurate down to 2% of the desired quantity. The integrated software has the capability to memorise and program up to 99 different feeding batch options. All data on feeding can collected from the software and stored on a USB. Weighing in at 650kg, the machine is priced at €16,000 plus VAT.