Twelve Hereford-sired heifers were slaughtered on Monday 19 September at an average weight of 536kg. They achieved an average carcase weight of 279.1kg, ranging from 255kg up to 296kg.

All stock managed to maximise the in-spec 20c/kg bonus as they all fell within a conformation score of O= to R- and a fat score range of 3= to 4=. The average grade was O+4-.

Carcase value

In terms of carcase value, they were killed at a base price of €4.75/kg plus the 20c/kg in-spec bonus plus a 15c/kg Hereford breed bonus brought the price to €5.10/kg.

Allowing for grid adjustments, the average price paid was €4.98/kg, taking the average carcase value to €1,391/head.

Prices ranged from €1,274 for a 255kg carcase that graded O+4= up to €1,474 for a 296kg carcase of the same grade.

Angus cattle

Eleven Angus heifers due to be slaughtered later in the week should have a similar if not slightly lower average carcase weight.

A full breakdown of performance and slaughter results will be available in print in next week’s Irish Farmers Journal.