The weanling export trade is set to receive another boost next week as 3,500 weanlings depart for Israel.

A northeastern-based exporter has put together the load of weanlings and is hopeful of further loads being sent in 2023.

This is the first time cattle will have been exported to Israel, since the BSE crisis of the 1990s, after a health cert was issued last November by the Irish Government.

The health cert is more complicated than other countries and it included extra testing and a longer quarantine period.

The Ganado express is currently steaming around the north coast of Spain and is set to dock in Greenore port on 27 May where it will commence loading with supplies and then weanlings.


Israel imported over 200,000 head of cattle in 2021 and it could prove to be an important market for Irish weanlings in the future.

Live exports of Irish weanlings are up 2,614 head or 27% driven mainly by Turkish demand.

So far, 12,039 weanlings have been exported in 2023, with over 6,000 of these headed for the Turkish market.

Calf exports are up 27,000 head or 21%, with the Netherlands, Italy and Poland seeing the largest increases in calf exports in 2023.