Bullocks were a good trade also, and there was plenty of demand for all quality of weanlings. In the bullock ring, forward types over 600kg continue to be met with strong demand and are selling from €2.10/kg to €2.20/kg, with bullocks over 600kg making over €1,400/head.

Stores from 500kg to 600kg sold mainly from €600 to €750 along with the weight.

Light stores were met with firm demand from plenty of farmer buyers and jobbers present.

The average 450kg bullock made from €1,000/head to €1,100/head, with very fancy types making over €1,250/head.


Weanling bulls were a strong trade again this week.

Bulls over 400kg were reasonably steady and demand was strong for these. Prices ranged from €1,000/head to €1,150/head, with stronger 450kg types making higher prices. The average 300kg to 400kg bull sold mainly from €750/head to €1,000/head, with top-quality U grade bulls making over €650 along with the weight.

The heifer ring was very strong, with an abundance of buyers present.

The sale was brisk as a result, and heifers sold very quickly. Those over 500kg sold mainly from €1,100/head to €1,200/head, with top-quality heifers making from €1,300/head to €1,450/head.

This Charolais cross heifer, born March 2016 and weighing 310kg, sold for €935 (€3.02/kg).


Where good-quality factory-fit or short-keep types were on offer, demand was very strong. Stores from 400kg to 500kg were in abundance and sold mainly from €1,000/head to €1,125/head.

Weanling heifers from 300kg to 400kg sold mainly from €750/head to €1,000/head, with a number of good-quality heifers from 300kg to 350kg easily making €900/head to €950/head.


The trade in the cull cow ring remained quite firm.

Most continental feeding cows sold from €350 to €450 along with the weight, while better-quality types suitable for slaughter made from €500 to €600 along with the weight mainly.

On a price per kg basis, the average feeding cow made from €1.55/kg to €1.70/kg, with fleshed cows selling from €1.80/kg to €2.00/kg.

Friesian cull cows are generally making from €1.20/kg to €1.40/kg for feeding types.

Strong trade at Headford Mart

Headford Mart saw another strong trade on Saturday also. Bullocks made from €235 to €675 over the €/kg, heifers made from €365 to €660 over, weanling heifers made from €260 to €635 over, and weanling bulls made from €355 to €715 over. Cull cows made from €500/head to €1,390/head.

Cull ewes made from €68/head to €145/head, while lambs made from €85/head to €110/head. In-lamb ewes made from €148/head to €155/head. Ewes with lambs at foot made from €172/head to €222/head.

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Strong trade continues as numbers increase