Benn Agri is the main supplier of Cri-Man slurry equipment for the Irish market, and will showcase the latest range of umbilical pumps and slurry separators. It will also display a Mixit lagoon agitator, which features a unique auger and propeller system. For the first time, Irish customers will get to see the lagoon liner protection leg, which will be fitted to the display machine on the stand. This leg can also be retro-fitted to existing machines out on farms.

The dealer is also an agent for Alstrong Engineering, and will exhibit both an Auctus Generation 2 trailed machine and a mounted unit, alongside one of the manufacturer's trailed aerators. The Auctus is a 3m unit designed to sow seed into ploughed ground, burnoff or existing pasture in a one pass solution. The unit has two rows of hydraulically controlled, sprung levelling boards, a spiked drum fitted with 80mm blades, followed by two rows of hydraulically controlled 12mm tines. Finally, the 560mm prismatic roller covers the seed, consolidating the seedbed. Alstrong use the Kildare-manufactured, Doyle pneumatic seeder.

It will also be showing a Talex sweeper collector and Talex mulchers.