BETTER farm: Ricky happy with his Herefords in Co Kildare
Ricky Milligan is happy to see the end of drought 2018 as he begins finishing stores to sell before the winter. Matthew Halpin writes.
BETTER farm: getting on top of IBR
An IBR eradication pilot programme is being implemented on all BETTER farm beef challenge particpants' farms.
Fodder budget series: BETTER farms planning to stay on top this winter
Over the coming weeks, we will outline each BETTER Farm participant's fodder budget, as well as outlining the steps that will be taken to fill the gap in a deficit situation.
Fodder budgets: Action required down south
In part one, of a three-part fodder budget series, Matthew Halpin examines the fodder budgets of the southern Teagasc/ Irish Farmers Journal BETTER farm beef challenge participants.