Parlour: A lot of farmers are experiencing higher than normal TBC and thermoduric readings since they switched to chlorine-free wash routines. It’s also harder to wash plants when fat and protein is high, such as at the end of the year. Stainless steel is relatively easy to clean but plastic and rubber ware are more difficult. Check inside claw pieces for signs of build-up of scum; this is a sure sign that the wash routine or the products being used aren’t good enough.

Replace rubber ware such as long and short milk tubes and any bends or hoses on the main milk line. These should be replaced every couple of years. Liners and short-pulse tubes should be replaced during the dry period. It might be no harm to wash out the vacuum line also by sucking up hot water at the end of the line. Some milking machines have a valve at the end of the vacuum line to facilitate this. Get the milking machine tested by a certified technician to make sure that pulsation is correct.