Very few cattle remain out at grass, with the recent storm being the final nail in the coffin for grazing 2023 for many.

It’s likely been the most challenging year for grass in memory for many farms.

A wet spring was only given a short reprieve in late May/June with dry, fine weather and there has scarcely been a dry week since then.

Spur roads have really played their part with all this wet weather, being the saving grace for many farms.

In a wet back end like we have now, it’s worth noting which paddocks were difficult to access and look to amend access to them in the future.

While conditions are not present to do much digger work now, a cold, dry spell over the winter period may afford that opportunity.

Focus on next year

For now, it's time to focus on next year. Soil sampling should be high on the priority list, as while fertiliser prices have dropped in the past year, it is still a major cost to farms and value for money needs to be sought.

Soil fertility is generally lower than we expect it to be, so at a minimum, sampling should be done every second year.

Winter is also a good time to carry out any fencing projects on the farm while cattle are inside.

Repairs to fence lines and ensuring electric wires are properly earthed and power isn’t being impeded by overhanging bushes is important, as come spring time when cattle are turned back out again, there will be little spare time to find out why a fence is lacking power.