Despite the start of the new CAP being almost two years away, crucial decisions on farm payments will be taken over the coming months, both in Dublin and in Brussels.

Decisions made now will determine how farm payments are made from 2023 until 2027.

In Brussels, legislators are due to sign off on the final CAP reform package by the end of May.

Talks have been making slow process since they began in November, but a crunch meeting to be held this Friday is likely to see a number of compromises thrashed out.

Closer to home, the Department of Agriculture intends to have Ireland’s CAP strategic plan drafted by the end of June.

This plan will set out the schemes and measures that will be offered to farmers from 2023 and how Ireland’s CAP pot of €10.7bn will be spent.

The draft plan will be subject to public consultation in the autumn before final changes are made and the plan is due to be signed off on by December.

The European Commission will then have eight months to review the 27 strategic plans submitted by member states. Subject to Commission approval, the new CAP and accompanying schemes will begin on 1 January 2023.