A group of farmers has come together to organise a special Belclare-crossbred ewe lamb and ewe hogget sale.

Entries in the inaugural sale, which takes place in Tuam Mart, Co Galway, on Friday 24 September at 6.30pm, will be either bred by a Belclare ram or be a first-cross from a Belclare ewe.

Group member Sonny Jennings explains this rationale: “Research has clearly proven that prolificacy is a key determinant in underpinning profitability, along with stocking rate. The maternal benefits of the Belclare breed are well documented and unmatched in terms of delivering high prolificacy.

“It is also important to note the Belclare breed has improved no end over the last decade with regards to terminal genetics, making these breed crosses an all-round excellent ewe.”

The Belclare breed is well accustomed to Tuam Mart

The entry of 400 head can be split approximately into 300 ewe lambs and 100 ewe hoggets.

Sonny says there is huge potential to develop the sale, with some farmers preferring particular breed crosses and now provided with a platform to trade in one venue.

“The Belclare breed is well accustomed to Tuam Mart, as it was developed a short distance out the road. We have lots of local breeders committed and are greatly encouraged by interest from right across the country.”

There are some three-quarter-bred and purebred non-registered sheep entered in the sale, while a Belclare ram sale will take place following the female sale.

Bidding is ringside or via the MartBids online sales platform. Contact 087-219 8913 or 087-779 2129 for more information.

Lots on offer