Solas, the further education and training authority of Ireland, has launched a campaign titled FET is for Everyone.

The main aim is to raise awareness of the learning and upskilling opportunities available to both the individual and to businesses throughout Ireland.

The campaign comes at a time when both economic and social developments throughout the workforce will become a necessity to secure a smooth transition to a post-COVID-19 working world.


The strategy focuses on reskilling and upskilling, but also creating a path for those who want to go further, be it with education, in work or their own life.

Solas CEO Andrew Brownlee said: “FET is already a core part of every town and community in Ireland - whether it is a young parent taking a part-time business administration course, a property agent taking on their first apprentice, or someone returning to education after leaving school early.

“FET offers every individual, regardless of any previous level of any education, a pathway to take them as far as they want to go.

“It can offer personal development and fulfilment, a link to community and social networks, and a range of supports that reflect the diverse base of its learners.”


FET already serves 200,000 learners annually from a wide diversity of ages and backgrounds, with the continued aim of broadening how we learn.

Solas wants FET to be attractive to everyone from school leavers to someone looking to change career.

“A cornerstone of FET is its base at the heart of every community throughout Ireland, and the role it plays in enhancing engagement and integration across society.

“That’s why our new campaign is calling everyone to unlock their potential by exploring their FET opportunities.”

Further information on FET can be found here.