Glanbia has lifted its temporary hold sales of some batches of its bagged cattle feed.

The Department of Agriculture has confirmed that following testing, "all GAIN ruminant feed products on precautionary hold are now released for sale".

The temporary suspension was linked to investigations into the presence of an unapproved feed substance detected in GAIN equine feed, which is owned by Glanbia.

Banned hormone

On Friday 2 October, GAIN advised customers not to feed its products until it completed investigations into the potential contamination of some of its feed.

Molasses containing “minute traces” of the banned hormone zilpaterol was confirmed as the cause of the contamination in some batches of GAIN Equine Nutrition’s horse feed.

Zilpaterol is a banned growth hormone in the EU and used as a performance-enhancer in some beef production systems outside of the EU.

A spokesperson for Glanbia said: “It is important to highlight that this substance has never formed part of any formulation in any GAIN animal nutrition ranges.”


A recall of the affected batches of molasses has now been initiated by the supplier ED and F Man Liquid Products Ireland Ltd.

Glanbia has said the molasses contamination was first identified in urine samples taken from racehorses in France.

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