There was a big turnout in Bandon Mart, with just under 1,700 calves going through the west Cork sales ring this week.

Numbers rose about 25% on last week and were ahead of this time last year.

Dairy bull calves were the backbone of the sale, with a strong showing of Angus and Hereford calves backing them up.


A consistent for this year has been the ability of the strong, well-done calves to be at the top end of their respective breed price ranges.

Three to five weeks old was the commonest age range and anything younger than that was generally on the back foot in terms of price.

This trio of month-old Angus heifers averaged €200.

This group of six-week-old bull calves sold for €80.

This pair of six-week-old Angus heifers made €290.

This month-old Aubrac heifer made €180.

These six-week-old continental bull calves averaged €310.

This trio of 17-day-old Hereford bull calves made €260.

The top end of the dairy bull calf trade saw British Friesian-type bull calves compare favourably with the lower reaches of traditional beef-cross prices. Strong Friesians were bought at prices from €195 back to €95.

Export type-Friesian bull calves sold from €35 to €80 per head.

These month-old calves sold for €70 each.

These five-week -old Friesian heifers made €385 each.

This pair of Angus heifers are coming up on one month and made €210.

This pair of bulls, aged one month, sold for €60.

This group of month-old bull calves made €105.

This pair of month-old Jersey cross bull calves made €10 each.

Coming up on one month, these strong Hereford heifers made €315.

Lighter Friesians and Jersey crossbred bull calves sold for below this price range, making from €5 to €30. There was a small selection of Friesian heifer calves suitable for breeding and these sold for up to €385.

Beef calves

Traditional beef breed bull and heifer calves sold from €250 to €350. The middle prices for these tended to go from €250 back to €185. While at the lower end, the lighter Angus and Hereford remained a solid if unspectacular seller. Those with Jersey-cross background were selling for similar money to the mid-range Friesian bull.

This pair of month-old Angus bulls made €265.

This group of month-old Angus heifers averaged €225.

These month-old Hereford heifers sold for €320.

At 17 days old, these Simmental bulls averaged €265.

Continental calves continue to be thin on the ground but this scarcity helps their demand. Bulls made up to €510, while heifers sold for up to €400.