When did you set up your business and why?

We run an architect and interior design studio in Galway, so we have a strong creative background.

In 2018, we started experimenting with photographs we took at Blackrock diving tower, really just for ourselves, as we wanted to have a personal element in our home, which then led us to creating pieces for friends and family as gifts.

Shortly after, we had the opportunity to sell our work in a local design store in Galway and the response was amazing.

We soon realised there was a huge market for unique contemporary art like ours.

Can you explain your process?

We create contemporary photography-based digital art prints reflecting Ireland in a unique and vibrant way.

Using both traditional and digital techniques, our art is designed to evoke and inspire joyful memories, capturing the essence and beauty of Ireland.

Our signature style mixes vibrant colours to create stylised images from photographs.

We are passionate about our designs and draw inspiration from our many interests and trips around Ireland.

We want our art to be fun and expressive, embracing bold and contrasting colours throughout our pieces and showcasing Ireland in a fresh contemporary way.

The Wild Atlantic Way holds a special place in our hearts, so you will see many pieces inspired by our trips around Galway, Mayo and Kerry to name but a few.

What is your best seller?

We have over 100 products, from iconic landmarks, to Irish wildlife to our very popular rugby and GAA prints.

SKETCHICO has over 100 products, from iconic landmarks, to Irish wildlife to their very popular rugby and GAA prints.

Depending on where our customers are from in Ireland, we tend to sell certain pieces better in certain regions.

However, our Salthill Blackrock diving board prints are certainly up there as one of our bestsellers, as it’s such an iconic landmark in Ireland, which most people have visited at some time or other.

What is it about your business that brings you joy?

Creating something new will always bring you joy and to be able to work each day on what is basically your hobby and see it bring other people joy is what most people dream of.

We have turned our love of art and design into a viable business and seeing it grow and reach so many people around the world is really special.

What are your hopes for 2023?

The last year has been a very positive one for our business. We are now stocked in over 15 retailers around Ireland including Kilkenny Designs and Foxford Woollen Mills.

The Wild Atlantic Way is a source of inspiration for SKETCHICO.

This year, we will be continuing to add to our stockists, as well as putting more focus on our marketing strategy and our online store.

The dream is that every home in Ireland has a SKETCHICO print hanging on their walls!

What advice would you give to another start-up business?

Write a business plan, it will save you a lot of time. You need to set your goals and work methodically towards achieving them.

Ask for help and advice from business support agencies in your region. There are so many fantastic start your own business programmes available for start-ups and mentoring from experts is invaluable. We have found the Local Enterprise Office to be an amazing resource who have helped us over the last few years and continue to help us to grow our business.

Be open to new ideas and opportunities for your business, you never know what’s around the corner!

Visit www.sketchico.com.

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