Located in Gort, Co Galway, Paul and Colman McAllen own and run McAllen Agri alongside their own quarry business. Farming is also a part of the business, with tillage and beef finishing being the two enterprises of choice.

It’s safe to say these men and their machines are rarely idle at any time of the year. Spring and summer months include all the typical agricultural contractor duties, from slurry to seeding and silage. Stone and gravel is always on the move from the quarry and is the main focus during the winter when men and machines are free.

Just over 700 hours have been clocked up on the tractor since delivery in July.

That said, tractors and dumpers are still pulling out of the quarry during summer in between pit silage and baling. Over the winter, up to four tractors and dumpers are put on daily quarry duties, delivering to customers in the surrounding areas.

Updated M series

This year, the decision was made to upgrade a John Deere 7530 for new model John Deere 6195M. Paul said: “We had a 7530 just shy of 20,000 hours, which was due to be upgraded. It served us well through the years. We wanted slightly more power and a similar straightforward workhorse. We felt an M series was the closest replacement.

“We have a 6170M and the cab, we feel, is even more basic than the 30 series cabs. Even thought they are designed to be a lower-specification option, the cab was starting to feel outdated to a degree.”

When the lads went to look at the 6195M at their local dealer, Geary’s Garage, Clarecastle, they got to see the new updated large-frame M series, the new cab side by side with the outgoing older cab, which they were well used to. “There is a significant improvement in comfort, space, control layout and a better lighting package, similar to the R series. The new M series tractors have slightly more power, now boosting by 20hp,” Paul said.

Based on the added spec and updated cab, opting for a new 6195M was pretty much a no-brainer. But it came at a higher price, roughly €5,000 more, Paul said.

Since delivery in July, the tractor has clocked up just over 700 hours at a mix of work from pulling a Pöttinger Torro silage wagon, 5m disc harrow, 20t Thorpe dump trailer and a five-furrow plough. When we caught up with McAllen’s 6195M, it was in work mode, drawing gravel from the quarry to a local forest park, piloted by local man Alan Connolly who has been responsible for many of its hours since new.


The cab is what really distinguishes the new M series from the older model visually. Paul explained how the new cab is a better balance between the outgoing M series and R series tractors.

“The new cab has a more premium feel, which was overdue. Controls fall to hand better and the addition of the electronic joystick which we opted for brings just a nice touch in terms of electrics. The dashboard has been moved to the right-hand corner pillar, which took a week or so to get used to, but once used to it, it’s more in your line of sight. The gear lever seems better positioned, closer to the hand.”

Although control layout remains fairly similar to previous M series, Paul noted that the gearstick falls to hand better.

Three specification levels are offered – Select, Select+ and Premium. The McAllens’ is the Select+ model, fitted with electric and manual spool valves and TLS front suspension as standard. Mechanical cab suspension was specified too.

The electric joystick can be used for shuttle changes, gear splits as well as front link and two spool valves.


The 6195M is fitted with a 6.8l six-cylinder Deere Power Systems (DPS) engine. This tractor, being among the updated 2020 models, means that along with obvious cab updates, there is now a 20hp power boost and a Stage V engine under the bonnet. It offers a rated 195hp boosting to 216hp.

Paul said: “The 6195M has impressed us so far in terms of power. Like all the modern tractors, it’s a different kind of power to the raw power it replaced.”

The dashboard on the new M series is now mounted on the right hand pillar.

So far, the tractor has mainly been put at work where it has needed all its power, he said.

“Diesel consumption is no better than the 7530, but it seems to be there or there abouts where it should be and Adblue is similar,” Paul added.

Transmission and hydraulics

The 6195M is offered with three transmission options, two of which have Ecoshift versions with an extra gear, allowing reduced engine revs between 1,580rpm and 1,680rpm at top speed (40km/h).

The options are PowrQuad Plus, AutoQuad Plus, AutoQuad Plus Ecoshift, CommandQuad Plus and CommandQuad Plus Ecoshift.

The new M series has a redesigned roof and lighting package similar to the R series.

The McAllens’ tractor has the AutoQuad Plus Ecoshift transmission, three manual spools and two electric spools (joystick). Paul said this spec and transmission option suits what the tractor was bought to do, predominately drawbar or heavy draught work.

It is equipped with the optional armrest-mounted multi-function electronic joystick which has an integrated forward/reverse shuttle, with two buttons to change up and down gear splits. This is a feature both Paul and Alan like.


Not only have they the options of controlling front linkage, but the joystick can be configured to control two spools, meanwhile neither the shuttle or gear lever have to be reached for when changing direction or splits manually. When not in use, the joystick can be folded down, out of the way.

The McAllens’ 6195M is fitted as standard with a 114l/min PFC load-sensing hydraulic pump, which has done all that’s been asked of it so far. John Deere has now added the option of a 155l/min pump to 6175M and 6195M models.


So far, the McAllens are happy with the new model M series. Paul said: “The new M series suits well for the majority of our work. It was bought to be a workhorse and that it’s been so far, with just over 700 hours on the clock. We keep a couple of R series in the fleet for jobs such as planting, but we find the M series a great straightforward tractor for haulage or draught work. It suits work around the yard better, given that the cab is that little bit narrower than the R series. We would have liked the option of 50km/h, but all M series are capped at 40km/h. If it treats us as well as our 7530 did, we’ll be happy.”


  • Improved spec level over previous M series.
  • LED lighting package.
  • Electric joystick.
  • Dislikes

  • Would have liked the option of 50km/h.
  • The spec

    Engine: 6.8l six-cylinder Stage V Deere Power Systems.

    Horsepower: 195hp boosting to 216hp.

    Transmission: AutoQuad Plus Ecoshift (40km/h @ 1,600rpm).

    Hydraulics: Load-sensing 114l/min standard or 155l/min optional.

    Weight: 7,500kg.

    Lift capacity: 5,150kg rear and 4,000kg front.

    Fuel tank capacity: 325l.

    Adblue tank capacity: 20l.

    List price: €155,000 plus VAT £145,000 plus VAT.