With most modern mowing tractors, now equipped with numerous electric spools and programmable joysticks for remote services, Pottinger’s latest Novacat V 8400 and V 9200 central pivot models take advantage of such capabilities.

The Novacat V 8400 model offers an 8.4m maximum cutting width, while the larger 9200 model will cut up to 9.2m. The range supersedes the older Novacat X8 generation.

Both models are available with Basicline or Selectline control systems. The Selectline uses a Basic Control switchbox, meaning multiple functions can be performed using just a single spool valve.

Operators can switch between lifting mower beds individually or together as a pair.

The Basic Control switch box allows multiple functions to be performed using just a single spool valve.

The same spool also operates the new hydraulic transport lock mechanism.

The collision protection system has been updated and now features a compact hydraulic ram on either side of the frame. Once engaged, it allows the bed to move back and upwards.

As a result, a number of small design tweaks have been made to the frame.

Pricing for the Novacat V 8400 starts around €50,000 plus VAT.