HiSpec, the Co Carlow-based manufacturer, will provide a taster of its well-established slurry tanker range, Xcel muck spreader range and its Kompactor push-off trailer range at the Ploughing.

Taking centre stage will be the K36 Kompactor push-off multipurpose trailer.

The Kompactor is available in two sizes, the K36, 36m³ 22ft tandem-axle unit and the K40, 40m³ 24ft tri-axle unit.

As its name suggests, it has been designed to compact the material being carried by as much as 30%, fully utilising the space available.

A dynamic moving headboard allows the trailer to push its load off in as little as 40 seconds as opposed to the less safe option of traditional tipping trailers.

An Xcel 1250 rear discharge spreader will feature on the stand.

As standard, the Kompactor comes equipped with parabolic 127mm commercial running gear with 420mm x 180mm brakes shoe, super-single wheels, a swivel ring hitch, a hydraulically sprung drawbar, and air/hydraulic brakes, LED lights, strobes and reversing lights and a hydraulic tailboard.

Also on the stand will be an Xcel 1250 rear discharge muck spreader and a 2,300-gallon SAR slurry tanker equipped with HiSpec’s own 7.5m trailing shoe system.