Among the new innovations displayed on the Horsch stand was a new front tank option for the Leeb sprayer range.

Available in both 1,200l and 1,800l forms, the Leeb 1.2FT and Leeb 1.8FT can be specified in a Basic or Pro version.

The Pro version, according to Horsch, leaves for uncomplicated handling of the combined front tank and rear sprayer combination, yet it is as comfortable as a self-propelled sprayer to operate. The Basic version can be combined with the Leeb CS lineup but also with trailed Leeb models and other branded sprayers as an additional water tank.

An optional front-mounted camera system displays both left and right views on a standalone monitor to improve road safety and junctions and field entrances.

Horsch has said further options are to follow, allowing the Leeb FT to be used for liquids in the mechanical weeding and hoeing sectors, as well as for use with seed drill during planting.

Alternatively, the front tank option can be used when a dual liquid application is being applied in one band, ie herbicide and liquid fertiliser.