Valtra publicly showcased its new Unlimited Smart Top Link system, designed to improve fertiliser spreader accuracy.

The system automatically adjusts Top Link length based on the spreader’s liveweight to maintain the correct spreading angle.

To achieve a desired spread pattern, fertiliser spreaders, regardless of make and model, need to be set at a required angle. But as the weight of the fertiliser inside the spreader increases/decreases, the angle of the spreader changes and thus alters the spread pattern. Inevitably, this translates to either over or under application.

The Valtra Smart Top Link uses two radar sensors – one fitted to the front and the other to the rear of the spreader – which measure the distance to the ground.

This data is then used to control the top link length in real time, to ensure the spreader angle remains constant. The solution works via the SmartTouch display.

The Smart Top Link uses two radar sensors to automatically adjust Top Link length in real-time.

Available from early 2024, it will be available through Valtra Unlimited on all new N, T, Q and S tractors. A retrofit version is said to be released later in 2024.

The system has a list price of €5,000 plus VAT.