Agitation points feature heavily in the revised TAMS specifications. Agitation point/extraction points shall now be located so that the slurry tanker does not have to pass over any slats while the tank is being emptied. Where an agitation point(s) is located between the sides of two buildings, there shall be a minimum of 6.0m clear space between the two buildings, including between any roof overhangs. External agitation points are now defined as being outside of the roofed area, including outside of any canopy or overhang of a building.

Agitation points shall, as a general rule, not be placed in an unroofed animal area i.e., unroofed slatted units. It is necessary to place agitation points outside of areas in which animals have access to them. However, if a farmer feels it absolutely necessary to place an agitation point in an unroofed animal area, they have the option to write to the department prior to grant aid approval being issued. The documentation submitted by the farmer in support of their request shall include a detailed farmyard plan showing the dimensions of all buildings, the location and dimensions of all tanks and the distance between all buildings. Further, the documentation shall include a detailed written explanation of the reasoning for the agitation point to be included in the unroofed animal area.