Price quotes for red diesel have fallen to their lowest level since mid-July, on the back of a marked drop in crude oil prices.

Quotes obtained early this week for a delivery of 2,250l were as low as 76p/l, excluding VAT, down 4p/kg from the start of November and 10p/l below prices issued back in mid-October.

However, there is a big range in prices available, with some quotes closer to 79p/l for the same delivery. As a result, it is advisable to shop around.

Prices for red diesel had slipped below 70p/l by early July.

But over the remainder of the summer, prices crept upwards and peaked at 90p/l by September.

Current prices for red diesel are running 35p/l below the equivalent cost 12 months ago.


Quotes for a delivery of 1,000l of DERV have also eased back by 5p to 7p/l from the start of the month, with prices around 122p/l, excluding VAT.

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