Tirlán has announced a 2.5p/l support payment for suppliers based in NI on milk supplied during March.

The support payment is part of a larger support package launched by the co-op at the start of the week.

Tirlán states the 2.5p/l will “assist suppliers who are experiencing significant challenges due to prolonged periods of above average rainfall”.

It is payable on all litres, including fixed price scheme volumes.

The support payment will also be adjusted for milk solids, with farmers producing higher levels of butterfat and protein receiving more. A 3c/l payment is being issued to suppliers in the Republic of Ireland.

Advanced payments

Other support measures from the co-op are targeted at improving cashflow on farms, starting with Tirlán’s bimonthly milk payment system, which splits the monthly milk cheque over two instalments.

For April milk, paid for in May, farmers will receive a 60% early interim payment, rather than the customary 50%.

The final support measure will see Tirlán establish a voluntary advanced payment scheme, which will offer suppliers an advance on future milk payments of 5p/l, based on March volumes.

It will be paid out to participating farmers by May 2024 as an “interest-free cashflow support”.

Tirlán will recoup this money via deductions spread over the May, June and July 2025 milk cheques.

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