For the second month in a row, milk processors in NI have decided to leave base prices unchanged.

However, in a number of cases, October milk statements will see traditional winter bonuses coming in to effect, such as Dale Farm, with the co-op remaining out in front with an “all in” price of 32.55p/l before milk collection charges are applied.

Dale Farm’s price breaks down to a 30.55p/l base, including a 0.3p/l loyalty bonus, plus a 2p/l winter premium, payable for three months from October to December.


Elsewhere, Strathroy remains on a base of 30p/l, with a 1p/l winter bonus boosting its starting price to 31p/l.

The Omagh processor pays the outlined winter bonus for five months, from October to February.

Leprino Foods pays a 2p/l winter premium for three months, from October to December, and with no change to its base, its starting price is at 29p/l.

Lakeland Dairies was the first processor to set a price for October milk and opted to leave base price unchanged at 27.25p/l for the third consecutive month. The co-op pays a 3p/l premium during November and December.


Commodity prices continue to strengthen and following significant gains for butter and milk powder at last week’s Dutch Dairy Board auction, the UFU milk price indicator (MPI) rose by 0.99p/l, taking it to 33.67p/l, up 3p/l from the MPI back in August.

Within UK markets, data compiled by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) shows mild cheddar prices strengthened to £3,290/t during October, up £30 from the previous month.

Cream prices jumped by £150 to average £1,791/t, while butter was up £360 to £4,070/t and skim milk powder increased by a similar amount, to £2,220/t.

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