Dovea Genetics has announced a new collaboration with the Montbéliarde breeding company Eva Jura, to introduce a new source of Montbéliarde semen into the Irish market. Dr Ger Ryan told the Irish Farmers Journal: “We are delighted to have signed an agreement with Eva Jura, which will allow us to have a larger selection of Montbéliarde semen for our customers. We are very impressed with the Eva Jura breeding programme and the company’s philosophy towards genetic selection.”

“The introduction of Eva Jura Montbéliarde semen to the Irish market is a major step forward for our company. We have genetics that will suit Irish dairy farmers choosing Montbéliarde genetics. Our breeding programme is focused on identifying the best cow families within the breed. We look forward working with the team in Dovea to develop and grow Eva Jura semen sales in Ireland,” said Mr Kenan Kocer, export sales representative from Eva Jura.

The first of the new Montbéliarde bulls from Eva Jura are in the Dovea Genetics Coloured Breeds Directory 2024, which is available online and a hard copy can be ordered by calling 0504-21755