Nausea is the feeling of sickness and discomfort in the stomach which often presents itself before vomiting, but it is also a symptom that can accompany numerous conditions. Gastric reflux, irritable bowel and migraine are some conditions which are well associated with nausea. Nausea can also be upon us when our body and mind need time to strengthen and recuperate, such as subsequent to a flu, any sort of an injury or even while we grieve. I feel extremely nauseous when I’ve a migraine and it can be so overwhelming that the very thought of food can be difficult to stomach. Thankfully, nausea is not an everyday occurrence for me, but it certainly makes me wonder how daily nutritional needs are met by anyone facing long-term nausea.

At a time when our body isn’t operating to full strength, food can sometimes seem less than appealing, so it’s important that the food we do choose to eat is nutritious, while also being palatable. Porridge, chicken broth or a simple homemade soup are all nourishing, and they are also easily digestible. It’s best to avoid foods that may encourage nausea such as fried or fatty foods, or ones with a strong flavour or scent.