A new bioenergy training course for farmers has been launched.

The course, which will be run in collaboration between Gurteen College and the Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA), will involve a mix of lectures, demonstrations and site visits in the area of bioenergy.

Topics covered in the course will include an overview of bioenergy, energy crops and solid biomass, gaseous bioenergy, biogas and biomethane, costs and budgeting, liquid biofuels, biochar, and bioenergy’s role in building sustainable biomass supply chains.

IrBEA states that there will be a particular focus on knowledge transfer in relation to sustainable energy crop production and anaerobic digestion.


The project is funded through the National Just Transition Fund, kicked off on Friday 20 January 2023.

IrBEA states that the course will be provided on a funded scholarship basis.

On-site attendance and participation at Gurteen College is required, where meals will be provided.

IrBEA’s chief executive officer Seán Finan said that this course is an exciting opportunity for farmers interested in bioenergy, regardless of their previous level of knowledge or expertise in it

“We are delighted to have arrived at this point where this exciting training opportunity for farmers is about to start, and look forward to delivering this collaboration with Gurteen College,” he said.