Carbery has increased its base milk price for the month of February, bringing its base price to 36.76c/l, excluding VAT.

This price is not including a 1.4c/l, excluding VAT, bonus from the co-op's stability fund, a 0.47c/l somatic cell count bonus and a future-proof sustainability bonus.

The future-proof bonus payment for qualifying suppliers was paid with the December milk payment, representing a maximum of 1c/l for suppliers who met all criteria.

This is the third month in a row where Carbery has increased its milk price.

A spokesperson from Carbery has said that as dairy markets continue to find equilibrium, recovering from volatility in 2024, prices will begin to stabilise, and its milk price is reflecting this.

"We are monitoring markets on an ongoing basis and hope to see this recovery and stabilisation continue. We are excited to launch the second full year of our sustainability bonus, Future Proof, worth a maximum of 1c/l on all milk supplied in 2024 and hope to see the same great uptake as last year," they said.


Dairygold and Tirlán also set prices for February milk in the last week, with both offering a price rise for last month’s supplies.

Tirlán will pay a base of 36.7c/l, excluding VAT, for February’s milk, with a seasonality bonus of 2.9c/l on all non-contracted volumes.

A further bonus of 0.47c/l will be paid out to all suppliers eligible for the co-op’s sustainability action payment.

Dairygold’s February milk price was announced at 38.1c/l, excluding VAT, at standard constituents inclusive of sustainability and

quality bonuses.

A further 2c/l, excluding VAT, will be added to the February price in the form of the processor’s early calving bonus.

Lakeland Dairies increased its base price by 1.43c/l, excluding VAT, bringing the co-op’s price to 39.43c/l, excluding VAT.

Kerry followed with a rise of 0.95c/l, excluding VAT, for February supplies.

This brings the processor’s base price to 36.2c/l, excluding VAT, for all milk supplied at 3.3% protein and 3.6% fat.

A milk contract payment of 1.9c/l will also be paid on all qualifying milk volumes, excluding VAT.