Roscommon-Galway TD Michael Fitzmaurice has joined the Independent Ireland party founded by Cork TD Michael Collins and Limerick TD Richard O’Donoghue ahead of the next election.

Collins said that Fitzmaurice “has been willing to take the leap of faith and commit to building our new party with us”.

His integrity and knowledge, combined with his experience in national politics makes him a fantastic addition to the Independent Ireland party, Collins said.

General secretary of Independent Ireland, Richard O’Donoghue detailed the aspirations of Independent Ireland.

“We set-up Independent Ireland to build a coalition of people and politicians who genuinely want to address the real-world issues facing ordinary people across this nation.

“When it comes to building a party rooted in common sense with the goal of improving the lives of the people of Ireland, I don't think we could have looked for a better partner than Michael Fitzmaurice,” he said.

O’Donoghue added that his dedication, drive and determination comes second only to his common-sense approach to policy and priorities.

Job of work

“We have a job of work ahead of ourselves over the coming months and years to build a party not just for the next election but for future generations, but it is a job that we are happy to take on, and we are confident we can deliver for the people of Ireland,” he said.

Collins said that Independent Ireland is and will always be the party of sensible stewardship of our nation, its people, its resources and its future.

“It is our sincere hope that when we publish our various policy papers and manifestos that more people and politicians will see that what we are building is a real alternative to the establishment parties. Not just another protest party.

“We are under no illusions that we face a hard road ahead, but myself, Deputy O'Donoghue and Deputy Fitzmaurice are no strangers to hard graft and we are confident that anyone who joins our party, as a rank-and-file member, a candidate or a sitting politician will embody that spirit of hard work, determination and common sense,” he said.